Local officials distribute informative pamphlets during the campaign at Rong Poh Market, emphasizing eco-friendly practices during Chinese New Year celebrations.”

PATTAYA, Thailand – Taking proactive steps to address environmental concerns during the Chinese New Year festivities, Banglamung District officials and local police officers launched a campaign on February 6 at the Rong Poh Market in north Pattaya, aiming to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of burning paper traditionally practiced during the celebrations.

The age-old custom of burning silver and gold paper during Chinese New Year is deeply ingrained, symbolizing prosperity. However, the excessive burning of paper has sparked environmental worries due to the release of pollutants into the air, potentially endangering community health.

The campaign team engaged with traders, vendors, and residents at the market, distributing informative pamphlets and conducting on-site activities. These materials included emergency contact numbers and stressed the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices during the festivities.

Officials highlighted key measures to minimize environmental impact, including the use of shorter incense sticks, reducing the quantity of burned paper, wearing masks to shield against airborne dust, and promptly extinguishing or collecting incense sticks after burning to mitigate pollution.

Beyond promoting eco-friendly practices, emphasis was placed on creating awareness among the local population. Pamphlets provided crucial emergency contact information, ensuring residents are well-informed and able to swiftly reach authorities in case of emergencies.

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Author: Pattaya Mail