World’s second-worst deep-fried delight a blessing?
World’s second-worst deep-fried delight a blessing?Legacy

In the bustling Saturday night market of Phiman subdistrict, Satun’s Mueang district, a fried silkworm vendor stands proudly behind her sizzling cauldron of the world’s second-worst dish.

The vendor, Patcharee Thongprasom, revealed that since the TasteAtlas verdict hit the headlines, it’s been raining customers.

“Before, I’d shift around 2 kilogrammes a night. Now? Doubled to a whopping 4 kilos!”

For just 20 baht a spoonful, patrons are lining up to sample this unconventional delicacy. One enthusiastic customer attests to its crispiness, tantalising taste, and pleasant aroma.

On February 8, TasteAtlas dropped a bombshell: their list of the 70 worst-rated deep-fried dishes in the world placed Cambodia’s fried spider (A-ping) at the dubious summit, with Thailand’s fried silkworms trailing closely behind, reported The Nation.

According to the website, once fried, these silkworms undergo a miraculous transformation – turning crunchy and greasy, with a flavour profile sometimes described as mildly bitter. Yet, amidst the scepticism, these Hon mhai silk worms are hailed for their protein-rich goodness and even believed by some to possess medicinal properties.

In related news, a Singaporean TikTok user documented her gastronomic adventure at the night markets of Bangkok on January 14 when her intrigue in freshly fried insects landed her in hospital. In a 30-second video, Nicolette Wee enthusiastically showcased her purchase of a bag of grasshoppers.

Undeterred by her insect escapade, the Singaporean tourist revisited the stall for more, this time opting for a bag of silkworm larvae. However, it seems her digestive system wasn’t prepared for this exotic feast, suffering what she described as a culture shock.

In other news, a Thai food vendor sparked a debate on social media after giving free food to a foreign backpacker in the southern province of Surat Thani. Many netizens hailed the vendor’s gesture while others said the foreign woman just took advantage of Thais’ kindness.

The vendor explained that she was preparing food on the table for her son. However, her son was too busy with customers and did not have time to eat. The foreign backpacker thought the food was leftover and asked if she could eat it, which the vendor allowed.

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Author: Samantha Rose