Women soar past barriers in Indian airline industry
Women soar past barriers in Indian airline industryLegacy

In a groundbreaking triumph, Indian women have defied the odds and scaled the heights of the airline industry, emerging as leaders in key airports across Karnataka, India. Their stories of perseverance and determination showcase the limitless possibilities for career growth.

From humble beginnings to commanding pivotal roles, these Indian women exemplify resilience and ambition. Risona Maria, the IndiGo Airport Manager at Belagavi, shares her remarkable journey. Hailing from Kerala’s Wayanad district, her path to success was paved with unwavering dedication.

“I preserved newspaper clippings of airline training courses, nurturing my passion.”

With unwavering support from her parents, she embarked on her aviation odyssey, joining IndiGo at the age of 21.

Determined to excel, Risona juggled her professional duties with motherhood, crediting IndiGo for its unwavering support.

“The airline’s pro-woman approach empowered me during pregnancy, ensuring I could continue my career.”

Roopa Sreeram, the seasoned Airport Manager at Bengaluru’s Akasa Air, embodies resilience amidst adversity. Sacrifices punctuated her journey, yet her unwavering commitment propelled her forward.

“Missing crucial moments with loved ones was a bitter pill, but I knew sacrifices were necessary for success.”

Her tenure at Jet Airways witnessed her bravery during a terrorist attack in Brussels, a testament to her fortitude.

Meanwhile, Deblina Ramachandran, the Station Manager at Air India Express, Bengaluru, exemplifies seizing opportunities. Her innate warmth propelled her from a Customer Service Executive to a trailblazer in the industry.

“Just believe in yourself, and the world will follow suit.”

In a domain traditionally dominated by men, Neelima Beck, an Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Air India Express, stands as a beacon of empowerment, reported The New Indian Express.

Hailing from Surajpur village, Chattisgarh, her journey defies gender stereotypes. Her dedication to meticulous aircraft maintenance underscores her pivotal role in ensuring safety.

“Being alert 24×7 is part of the job; passenger lives rest in our hands.”

Guided by her parents and inspired by mentors, Neelima champions the mantra of relentless pursuit.

“If you aspire to greatness, seize the opportunity.”

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Author: Samantha Rose