Tourists flock to Koh Larn Island amidst a water crisis, highlighting the strain on resources during the peak tourist season.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Koh Larn Island off the coast of Pattaya is grappling with an acute water shortage crisis, exacerbated by a surge in tourist numbers and prolonged drought conditions, causing residents and businesses to face dire challenges.

Since the reopening of Pattaya City post-Covid-19, Koh Larn has witnessed a staggering influx of both Thai and international tourists, averaging 10,000 visitors daily, excluding weekends. This surge has strained the island’s resources, particularly its water supply.

Attributing the water scarcity to insufficient rainfall, officials focus on the islanders’ struggles with dwindling water reserves, especially as the hot season approaches. This scarcity has led to severe shortages, posing major challenges for residents and businesses alike.

Residents of Koh Larn Island receive emergency water supplies as they contend with the dual challenges of a tourist surge and drought conditions.

To solve the immediate predicament the Pattaya City administration has collaborated with mainland water truck communities to distribute water to the island’s inhabitants, offering some relief amidst the parched conditions. However, accommodations such as hotels and resorts are compelled to purchase water at steep prices, ranging from 200 to 300 baht per cubic meter, further straining their resources.

Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai emphasized the city’s proactive stance in tackling the crisis, noting that this marks Koh Larn’s first encounter with such severe water scarcity. Additionally, temperatures on the island have soared to unprecedented levels, surpassing 40 degrees Celsius.

Pattaya City has initiated two key initiatives: the distribution of piped water to residents and bolstering seawater desalination capacity through partnerships with water treatment companies. The plan aims to ramp up production from 400 to 3,000 cubic meters per day within the year, offering a sustainable solution to Koh Larn’s persistent water woes.

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Author: Pattaya Mail