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A brutal act of violence has taken place within the ranks of a rescue foundation, as one volunteer fatally shot another using a revolver. The 32 year old gunman, Karnkan, confessed to the crime after police charged him with intentional murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

The tragic incident occurred yesterday evening at the Po Tek Tung Foundation‘s disaster relief department. The victim, Thanawat, later succumbed to his injuries at Hua Chiew Hospital.

Karnkan was armed with a .38 calibre revolver and shot 39 year old Thanawat in the head three times following a personal dispute that had been brewing over the past four to five months, before reaching its boiling point last night.

Before the shooting, the two volunteers had engaged in a physical altercation. After the initial fight, the men separated, but Karnkan returned with the hidden weapon from his motorcycle and reopened the conflict with fatal consequences.

Upon responding to the scene, police from the Plabplachai 1 station swiftly apprehended Karnkan and seized the murder weapon.

Police Chief Apichet Sapsongserm revealed that while Karnkan has admitted to the shooting, further details are being withheld for investigative purposes.

Toxicology tests were conducted on Karnkan for drugs and alcohol but the results returned negative. Investigators are now focusing on gathering additional witness statements from those present during the incident and have summoned the heads of both parties involved for further questioning.

The atmosphere at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Police General Hospital, where Thanawat’s body was transferred, was heavy with grief. Relatives and friends of the deceased arrived to claim his body, intending to hold a funeral at Mahapreuttharam Temple, reported Khaosod.

The police are continuing their investigation to piece together the exact circumstances of the crime and to ensure justice is served for the victim and his family.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood