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In a significant crackdown on illegal pharmaceuticals and sex toys, Thai Cyber Police arrested a 43 year old vendor, seizing a large haul of contraband. This operation took place today at a second-hand car tent in Yala province following an undercover purchase that led to the discovery of the storage location.

The directive for the operation came from the head of the Cyber Crime Investigation Division, who, along with his team, executed a search warrant issued by the Yala Provincial Court yesterday.

The raid resulted in the confiscation of a variety of sex-stimulating drugs, including 39 bottles of inhalants, six bottles of spray, 12 packs of male performance-enhancing pills, 96 sachets of jelly, 16 packs of brown tablets, four boxes and four sachets of sex-stimulating pills, condoms, 12 boxes of male enhancement gel, seven bottles of lubricant, three bottles of male hygiene products, and a substantial quantity of sex toys.

Additionally, bankbooks and a mobile phone were seized as evidence.

Vice versus virtue: Cyber police seize naughty knick-knacks | News by Thaiger
Image from Khaosod

The investigation began when the Cyber Crime Division’s officers while conducting online surveillance, discovered advertisements claiming to boost sexual arousal.

They found numerous websites and social media accounts, including a Twitter account advertising Viagra sales in Yala, which led to an undercover purchase. This evidence led to the successful application for a search warrant and the subsequent raid on the second-hand car tent where the suspect, Amnuay, resided.

Amnuay was arrested and charged with multiple offences, including advertising drugs as tonics or contraceptives, selling or importing modern pharmaceuticals without a permit, inputting false computer data likely to cause damage to others, and possession of pornographic materials for distribution or public display, in violation of the Computer Crime Act and the Penal Code.

Following the arrest, Amnuay was handed over to the local police for further investigation and legal proceedings, reported Khaosod.

This operation underscores the determination of Thai authorities to combat the illegal trade of pharmaceuticals and adult products, which infringe on the country’s strict drug and cyber laws.

The apprehension of Amnuay sends a clear message that such illicit activities will be pursued and prosecuted with vigour, ensuring the safety and well-being of the populace.

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Author: Ryan Turner