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A judge ruled yesterday that Thailand’s corrections system must provide two Uyghur terrorism suspects with the Halal food they have been requesting for years.

Adem Karadag and Yusufu Mieraili, accused in the 2015 Erawan Shrine bombing, appeared visibly emaciated and in wheelchairs, pleading for their religious rights.

The duo shared their harrowing ordeal, revealing they had significantly deteriorated in health, losing over 10 kilogrammes due to stomach pains and chronic bloating caused by poor living conditions and inadequate meal arrangements.

“For three years, they didn’t provide us Halal food. We told them we don’t eat pork, yet they still served it to us, claiming there was no pork. When we ate, we found minced pork and chicken blood. We can’t eat that. We wanted them to arrange proper meals for us.”

The judge’s ruling was clear and decisive.

“The court will instruct the Department of Corrections to ensure that prisoners are provided food according to their religious rights.”

This wasn’t the first time the defendants had raised the issue. They had made similar requests during previous court appearances, but it wasn’t until now that their plea was heard, reported Benar News.

The defendants, currently housed in a temporary detention centre within a military zone, have endured a slow-paced trial. Defence lawyer Choochat Kanphai expressed frustration at the sluggish progress.

“With 50 witnesses already examined out of a list of approximately 100, we expect the verdict could be read next year.”

The case, which began in a military court and later shifted to the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court, has attracted attention from international observers. Chalida Tajaroensuk, director of the People’s Empowerment Foundation, noted that the likelihood of reaching a verdict had improved but highlighted concerns about the defendants’ future, especially if they are acquitted.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood