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A tragic incident occurred yesterday when a 56 year old man died after inhaling smoke and losing consciousness while trying to control a fire he had started to burn grass in his field in Uthai Thani Province. The man, identified only as Piangjai to preserve his family’s privacy, was alone at the time of the accident.

Emergency services were alerted to the incident late last night, March 10, and upon arrival, they discovered Piangjai’s body at the scene. The authorities, including police investigators, medical personnel, forensic experts, and rescue workers from Uthai Thani, conducted an initial examination and found no evidence of foul play or violence. All of Piangjai’s belongings were accounted for, and his family has chosen not to pursue any further investigation into his death.

According to relatives, Piangjai had left his home on his motorcycle on the evening of March 10, heading to his field alone. After parking his motorcycle, he walked down to the field and began burning the grass.

However, the fire quickly got out of control. In his attempt to extinguish the flames, Piangjai inhaled too much smoke, which led to asphyxiation and his subsequent death from the burns sustained. His family, grief-stricken by the sudden loss, has requested his body for religious rites, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, amidst Chiang Mai’s burning season, haze engulfed the region due to slash-and-burn agriculture and wildfires. Awareness of these factors empowered visitors to safeguard their health by wearing N95 masks and opting for indoor activities.

Understanding the root causes, including agricultural practices, unregulated vehicle emissions, and cross-border smoke, provided insights into the severity of the situation. Staying informed about daily air quality indexes enabled travellers to make well-informed decisions about outdoor ventures.

Planning visits outside the burning season emerged as the optimal strategy to enjoy Chiang Mai’s beauty without compromising health.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood