Used car dealer suspiciously found dead, foul play suspected
Used car dealer suspiciously found dead, foul play suspectedLegacy

A prominent used car dealer was found dead with his right hand propping up his chin, sparking foul play suspicions from his wife. Two men, believed to be loan sharks, were seen leaving the scene before his death.

Police Lieutenant Thanin Kanpai from Mueang Nakhon Phanom Police Station yesterday received a report of a suicide at a well-known car dealership located along the Nakhon Phanom-Tha Uthen road.

The police coordinated with medical professionals from Nakhon Phanom Hospital, forensic experts, investigative officers, and emergency response teams from Sawangnava That Phanom and VR Lamkhong Friendship Rescue Units.

The incident occurred in a two-story concrete building. In front of the building, five to six cars were parked for sale. On the ground floor, near the staircase leading to the second floor, the body of 52 year old Nattawut was found hanging from the stair railing with his right hand under his chin. A car wheel was found at his feet. An inspection revealed no signs of struggle or theft.

A white Toyota Vios, belonging to the deceased, was parked in front of the dealership with its front facing outwards. Nattawut’s 45 year old wife reported that before the incident, her husband mentioned he would go inside the building to sort out some documents.

She called and messaged him around 3pm, receiving normal responses. However, when she tried to contact him later in the evening, he did not answer her calls.

Concerned, she asked a neighbour to drive over and check. The neighbour found the lights in front of the house and the dealership dimmed. Using a flashlight, the neighbour searched the bathroom but found nothing. Eventually, they discovered the used car dealer’s body hanging from the stair railing.

The wife stated that her husband was a cheerful person with many friends and did not seem to be under any stress that would lead him to end his life. She mentioned that two men, believed to be loan sharks, had entered the building before the neighbour found her husband.

She suspects there may be foul play involved, possibly indicating that someone killed him and staged the scene to look like a suicide.

The police discovered that the security cameras installed at the scene were not functioning. They plan to inspect other security cameras along the road and in nearby homes to gather clues and determine the cause of death, reported Khaosod.

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Author: Ryan Turner