In the swirling buzz of Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” skipping Thailand for a six-show run in Singapore, thanks to an exclusive deal that’s got the whole of ASEAN locked out, there’s a bitter pill we’re swallowing here. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin spilled the beans, revealing how Singapore’s sharp move—backed by a hefty 100 million baht investment per show—means Swift won’t grace Thailand with her presence this time around. It stings, no doubt, especially knowing that had she come here, the scale of sponsors and tourists flocking could’ve been monumental. Yet, here we are, on the outside looking in, as tickets in Singapore fly off the shelves.

But let’s not dwell too long on what’s slipped through our fingers. Instead, let’s talk about a wake-up call, a rallying cry for us Thais to channel this disappointment into something monumental. Think about it—why sit back and let international stars’ tour schedules dictate our cultural landscape when we have the talent and creativity to light up the world stage ourselves?

Look at Korea; look at Japan. Their music, their movies, their cultural exports have become their calling cards, recognized and revered across the globe. They’ve shown that with the right mix of investment, vision, and sheer creative will, you can project your culture far beyond your borders, influencing millions and, yes, reaping the economic benefits that come with it.

So, why not us? Why shouldn’t Thailand become a powerhouse of cultural exports, a country known not just for its breathtaking beaches and delicious food but for movies, music, and art that resonate worldwide? We’ve got the stories, the talent, and the drive. What we need now is to rally behind our creators, to invest in them and give them platforms to shine, not just at home but internationally.

Let Singapore have its moment with Taylor Swift. We’ll be over here, building our own stage, creating content that travels, that inspires, that entertains far beyond our borders. This isn’t just about competing with our neighbors; it’s about realizing our potential, about showing the world what Thailand is made of.

So, let’s take this moment of disappointment and turn it into fuel. Fuel for creativity, for ambition, for a vision of Thailand as a cultural beacon in Asia and beyond. We’ve got what it takes to make waves, to influence, to lead. Let’s get to work, Thailand. Let’s show the world the power of Thai creativity. Let’s make our mark and let our cultural creations travel the globe. And maybe, just maybe, leave little Singapore to her shenanigans, while we stride onto the world stage, bold and unstoppable.

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Author: Wanchai Vatanakool