Unsuspecting Singapore chef uncovers Thailand-based vice ringLegacy

A Singapore chef found himself entangled in a web of illegal vice activities linked to a Thailand-based syndicate.

The Singaporean man’s involvement in the illicit operation not only led to his arrest but also shed light on the sophisticated and lucrative nature of the syndicate’s operations in Singapore.

After befriending a woman he met at a karaoke lounge in Golden Mile Complex, a man agreed to help her transfer money to Thailand using his Singapore bank account, unaware of the illegal activities he was enabling.

Mangmeesri Chanwit, a 47 year old Thai chef, allowed his bank account to be used for cross-border money transfers, thinking it was to remit money earned in Singapore by the woman’s massage workers. However, it was later revealed that the woman was a central figure in an illegal Thailand-based syndicate operating a sex work ring in Singapore.

The police’s investigation uncovered the intricate workings of the syndicate, including recruitment, travel arrangements, accommodation, and the advertisement of sexual services on a website. The syndicate had informal networks in Thailand, enabling them to recruit sex workers bound for Singapore and operate a sophisticated chain of operations.

Mangmeesri received about $75,150 Singapore dollars (approximately 2 million baht) in his bank account from the syndicate’s illegal activities, and he arranged about 40 cross-border money transfers to the syndicate. His involvement earned him a substantial sum, which far exceeded his monthly salary as a chef, reported Channel News Asia.

Mangmeesri was sentenced to six weeks in jail for running an unlicensed payment service that supported vice activities in Singapore. The prosecution highlighted his motivation by greed and the substantial rewards he received for his services.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal