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A sudden roadside birth turned a routine day into an unforgettable experience for a Thai woman on her way to a temple, as a pregnant stranger delivered a healthy baby boy in her car.

On March 3, Thitiwan Keardpum shared an extraordinary encounter on Facebook, detailing how a heavily pregnant woman unexpectedly gave birth in her vehicle. The post, accompanied by a clip showing the newborn half out on the back seat, crying loudly, began with a greeting typically reserved for holy days, “Hello, it’s a Buddhist holy day,” and went on to describe the unforeseen event.

Thitiwan, from Ayutthaya, was driving with two companions to a temple when suddenly flagged down by a man on a motorcycle, who had a young boy in front and a pregnant woman in obvious distress. The man urgently requested a ride to the hospital as the woman was close to giving birth. Without hesitation, Thitiwan agreed to help.

Within five minutes of getting into the car, the pregnant woman exclaimed she couldn’t hold on any longer. What followed was the swift arrival of a healthy baby boy, safely delivered to the world in the back seat of the car. Thitiwan expressed gratitude for being chosen for this unexpected service and noted the day’s profound impact on her life.

After the birth, Thitiwan shared a photo of her car parked at the hospital and the vehicle’s registration number, which curious onlookers had requested multiple times. The clip she posted on Facebook attracted much attention, illustrating the moments leading up to the baby’s safe transfer to the medical staff’s care.

Thitiwan reflected on the incident the next morning, still exhilarated by the experience. She addressed those questioning her actions during the birth, suggesting they wouldn’t understand unless they had been in that situation themselves. The car’s registration, 2 ขจ 7823, became a point of interest for many, as it is a common belief in Thailand that such extraordinary occurrences can bring good luck, reported Sanook.

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Author: Samantha Rose