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A startling discovery at a prominent technical college in Udon Thani province shook the local community when a security guard stumbled upon the body of a man dressed in black, lying beneath a bridge near the college. The guard, initially mistaking the figure for a rubber doll, was horrified to find it was a corpse, setting off a police investigation into the mysterious death.

This morning, a security officer at a technical college in Udon Thani province was conducting a routine perimeter check when something unusual caught his eye beneath a bridge near the institution. Expecting a discarded mannequin, he approached for a closer look, only to recoil in shock at the sight of a deceased man clad in black. The grisly scene unfolded at approximately 8.30am, as the body lay face down, showing signs of a violent encounter.

The victim, a man estimated to be between 50 to 60 years old, was dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans, without shoes, his face bearing the marks of a brutal beating with a blunt object. His injuries were severe, and his face swollen and discoloured, indicating he had been deceased for no less than six hours before the body was discovered. No identification was found on the body, which had begun to show signs of early decomposition.

Lieutenant Thanawat Thongwilai, the investigating officer from Mueang Udon Thani Police Station, was notified of the incident and quickly arrived on the scene with a team of detectives, a medical examiner from Udon Thani Centre Hospital, and rescue workers to examine the body and gather evidence.

The initial assessment suggested that the man may have been killed elsewhere before his body was dumped under the bridge, a theory that police are pursuing as they search for clues to the perpetrator’s identity.

A local traffic police officer recognised the victim as resembling a construction worker from a nearby building materials store who was known to frequently consume alcohol. This lead, along with witness statements and surveillance footage from the area, is being used to piece together the victim’s final hours and identify a suspect.

Sangchan, a 59 year old security guard at the college, recounted the horrifying moment of discovery. Initially disbelieving, he rubbed his eyes repeatedly before the grim reality set in. Overcome with fear and shock, he fled the scene to alert his colleagues and call the police, reported KhaoSod.

The police are continuing their investigation, examining surveillance footage, and conducting inquiries to apprehend the individual responsible for this heinous act.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood