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A devastating summer storm swept through several areas of Ubon Ratchathani province last night, causing damage to over 1,000 homes and resulting in the death of a young child. The young girl succumbed to her injuries in the hospital after the storm had subsided.

Most affected were the area of Nong Song Hong, Yang Yo Phap sub-district, and Mueng Sam Sip district. 

The incident occurred at a single-story residence with walls made of unrendered brick blocks situated amidst rice fields on the way to Nong Song Hong. The homeowner recounted that the children involved were their nieces.

During the storm, there were five people present: the homeowner, their spouse, and a nephew outside, while the two nieces took shelter inside the house.

A whirlwind from the east struck the wall, causing it to collapse onto the two girls inside. The older sister, 10 years old, was injured, while the eight year old younger sister suffered serious injuries and later succumbed to them.

The homeowner immediately called for their spouse and nephew to help remove bricks from the girls’ bodies.

At the time, the younger sister was conscious and complained of chest pain. The homeowner sought help from neighbours to transport the girl to the hospital, where she ultimately passed away.

The older sister was safe and is currently hospitalised for observation. The body of the deceased girl remains at the hospital due to the widespread storm damage in the village, which left the community without electricity since last night.

Villagers have noted that this storm has been the most severe they have ever experienced, damaging more than 70 homes in Nong Song Hong. A lifelong resident, 84 years old, remarked that they had never witnessed such a calamitous event.

The aftermath of the storm paints a picture of a community grappling with loss and destruction. The residents of Nong Song Hong, now facing the task of rebuilding their lives, mourn the death of a young girl and the plight of her sister, as they navigate through the challenges posed by the natural disaster.

The storm’s impact has brought forth a sombre reminder of the vulnerability of homes and the unpredictability of weather patterns, leaving a lasting impression on the affected communities.

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Author: Samantha Rose