Two bikers killed in tragic Phetchaburi accident
Two bikers killed in tragic Phetchaburi accidentLegacy

A tragic accident involving a group of big bike riders on a trip to Phetchaburi resulted in the deaths of two individuals. The incident occurred when a young woman, riding a pillion, fell off the motorcycle, and a subsequent attempt to avoid her by another bike led to a fatal collision with a truck.

The accident took place at 8.10am today. Narathip Sri-aj, an officer at Khao Yoi Police Station, received a report of the incident where a person fell off a motorcycle and was subsequently run over by a truck at a petrol station in Bang Khem, Khao Yoi District, Phetchaburi. The officer, along with medical personnel from Khao Yoi Hospital and rescue volunteers from Sawang Sanphet Thammasathan Foundation, rushed to the scene.

At the scene on Petchkasem Road (southbound) in front of the petrol station in Huai Rong, Khao Yoi District, authorities found two deceased individuals. Rachata and Suphattra, both 22 years old, were identified as the victims. Their bodies were severely mangled with brain matter scattered around, indicating the severity of the accident.

The group of big bike riders had set off on a trip to Phetchaburi. While on the way, Suphattra, who was riding a pillion on a Yamaha big bike, lost her balance and fell off the motorcycle. A truck following closely behind was unable to brake in time, running over her and causing fatal injuries.

Another Yamaha motorcycle, white and red in colour, without a license plate, had to brake suddenly to avoid hitting Suphattra’s body lying on the road. This abrupt manoeuvre caused the bike to crash, and Rachata, who was also riding a pillion, fell off and was run over by another large truck following behind, leading to his death.

Witnesses and friends of the victims revealed that the group consisted of several big bike riders, both small and large groups, heading towards Kaeng Krachan District in Phetchaburi. The devastating accident occurred as they were en route to their destination.

Fatal accident

One of the friends recounted, “We were all heading to Kaeng Krachan for a trip. Suphattra suddenly fell off the bike, and before we knew it, she was hit by a truck. It all happened so fast.”

The sudden fall of Suphattra triggered a chain reaction, leading to two fatalities. The black-grey Yamaha big bike from Rayong and the white-red Yamaha motorcycle were both found lying in the middle of the road, marking the aftermath of the accident, reported KhaoSod.

Another witness said, “Rachata tried to avoid Suphattra, but he lost control and fell. It’s heartbreaking to lose two friends in such a shocking manner.”

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Author: Nattapong Westwood