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A traditional Thai belief led to a unique wedding ceremony in Ayutthaya where seven year old twins were married off in a ritual to ward off bad luck. Yesterday, March 3, the village of Kanon Luang in Bang Pa-In district became the scene of an elaborate wedding, uniting Achiraya Penguin Kongsakul and Asawin Plawan Kongsakul, both seven years old. The event drew a significant crowd, including relatives and villagers, creating a vibrant and joyous atmosphere.

The twins’ parents, 41 year old Narong Kongsakul, and 38 year old Samniang Kaewsawat, adhered to ancient customs rooted in the belief that marrying off male-female twins when they turn six or seven years old ensures good health and happiness. The grandparents, 68 year old Amnat Kongsakul, and 72 years old Kritiya Kongsakul, shared that the ceremony, steeped in tradition, was a way to honour ancestral practices aimed at bringing prosperity to the children’s lives, reported Sanook.

The wedding rituals mirrored those of typical Thai marriages, starting with a Buddhist ceremony in the morning. The dowry procession was notably grand, including a cash cheque of 1 million baht (US$27,920), additional cash of 200,000 baht (US$5,584), 10 baht weight in gold, two diamond rings, and gold and silver necklaces.

Amidst lively celebrations, the dowry was presented to representatives of both parties, with elders serving as witnesses. Following the presentation of the dowry, the twins exchanged rings, signifying the commencement of the auspicious event.

In related news, Tharaporn and Tharapong, seven year old twins, were married off in a lavish ceremony in southern Thailand. The children of Natthapong and Pilanthana Pankhong, owners of an agricultural equipment supply firm, hosted over 1000 guests to ensure a long and fortunate life, according to traditional beliefs. The extravagant event featured a dowry of 1 million baht, a one-carat diamond, and 20 baht weight of gold, valued at 400,000 baht. The wedding took place in Na To Ming sub-district, Muang district, Trang.

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Author: Samantha Rose