Tourists attacked as hungry monkeys swarm Bang Saen Beach
Tourists attacked as hungry monkeys swarm Bang Saen BeachLegacy

In the blistering heat of midday last Friday, March 8, a frenzy of ravenous monkeys cascaded down from Khao Sam Muk, invading Bang Saen Beach in Chon Buri province.

With desperation in their eyes, the furry bandits eagerly awaited sustenance from unsuspecting tourists, with some even resorting to car-climbing antics in a desperate bid for food.

Reports flooded in of aggressive monkey behaviour when snack-seeking tourists came up short, resulting in unfortunate injuries. One unlucky visitor found themselves on the receiving end of a painful monkey bite to the leg, spotlighting the peril of tangling with wildlife in the area. Despite the injury, the tourist opted against seeking immediate medical aid, underscoring the caution needed in such encounters.

This stark shift in monkey temperament sharply contrasts with their more placid counterparts in urban locales like Lopburi. Local authorities and wildlife organisations are discussing strategies to rein in the unruly primate population. Ideas on the table include designated feeding zones and the rollout of sterilisation programmes to curb their numbers.

Amidst this chaos, tourists are vehemently cautioned against direct monkey contact, with feeding sessions discouraged to prevent further aggressive outbursts, reported Pattaya Mail.

As efforts to address the simian siege advance, both residents and visitors alike must remain vigilant, respecting the natural habitat of these creatures to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved.

In related news, the Thai Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation (DNP) is contemplating the inclusion of monkeys in its wildlife compensation programme. This consideration arises following an incident where a woman suffered injuries from a macaque attack, leading her to file a police complaint to secure compensation for her medical expenses.

In other news, a Thai man was apprehended in the Na Yong district of Trang on February 21 for allegedly peddling macaques on Facebook.

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Author: Mitch Connor