Thief nabs 127,000 baht worth of goods from tourists on Koh Samui
Thief nabs 127,000 baht worth of goods from tourists on Koh SamuiLegacy

A brazen thief from Phuket got more than he bargained for when he attempted a hotel heist on Koh Samui, leaving two foreign tourists in dismay and authorities in hot pursuit.

The Bo Phut Police, in a swift operation, apprehended 44 year old Prayat Lisem following reports from a distressed Polish couple, aged 32 and 30. The couple woke to find their valuables missing, including a trove of designer bags, diamond earrings, cash totalling 25,000 baht, and four credit cards, tallying a staggering sum of 127,000 baht.

Police officers, aided by CCTV footage, traced a suspicious sedan prowling in the vicinity of the crime scene, ultimately leading to the arrest of the audacious culprit. Inside his vehicle, the stolen loot was meticulously concealed, reported Phuket Express.

Upon interrogation, the thief confessed his audacious scheme, revealing a desperate bid to secure employment on Samui Island. Foiled by fully booked accommodations and dwindling finances, Prayat resorted to preying on unsuspecting tourists as his last resort.

In related news, a Thai man accused three police officers in the central province of Saraburi of threatening him with a gun and stealing 3,000 baht in cash from him. The 32 year old Thai man took to social media to share his corrupt police story.

He reported a complaint at Nongkhae Police Station two months ago but he has not received any updates from the officers. The man recounted the incident on Facebook on February 17 stating three men requested to search his pickup saying they were police officers. One of them pointed a gun at his head, while the others searched inside his car.

In other news, a Thai man, arrested for theft in the central province of Chachoengsao, pleaded with police officers to jail him so he could escape the cruel realities of the world and issues within his family. He expressed that his family rejected him, and believes his incarceration would be a gift for them.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal