Bob Edwards and Sam Jeffery, the top performers at Mountain Shadow, brace the heat and challenging conditions with a smile.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The Mabprachan Golf Society faced a challenging round at Mountain Shadow Golf Course on Tuesday, April 23. The course, usually in decent condition, was severely affected by the relentless heat, resembling a savannah more than a lush golf course. The scorching weather made it difficult to achieve good scores, but the determined players pressed on to complete the 18 holes.

Top Performers: 1st Place: Sam Jeffery (Handicap 13) – 32 Stableford points. 2nd Place: Bob Edwards (Handicap 9) – 30 Stableford points. Other Highlights: Near Pins: Sam Jeffery and Bob Edwards. The Spoon: Stephen Ford, who joined us for just a week, took home the spoon.

John Feeney, Martin Hayes, and Bob Edwards enjoy a successful round at Khao Kheow, celebrating Hayes’ winning return.

A Welcome Change

The venue for Thursday, April 25 was Khao Kheow, specifically the A & C loops. After the disappointment earlier in the week, players were pleasantly surprised by the well-maintained fairways and greens at Khao Kheow. The contrast in course conditions couldn’t have been more pronounced. Despite the persistent heat, a welcome breeze after 11 a.m. made the game much more bearable.

Top Performers: 1st Place: Martin Hayes (Handicap 18) – 32 Stableford points. 2nd Place: Bob Edwards (Handicap 9) – 31 Stableford points. Other Highlights: Near Pin: Bob Edwards secured the only near pin. The Spoon: John Feeney.

The week showcased the highs and lows of golfing in hot weather, with course conditions varying significantly between rounds. Congratulations to all the winners, and special mention to Martin Hayes for his impressive return to form. We look forward to seeing everyone in the next rounds!

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Author: Pattaya Mail