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The Thai Department of Probation’s Deputy Director-General, Montree Bunyayothin, addressed the matter of Thaksin Shinawatra’s recent release on parole on March 6. Montree confirmed that Shinawatra, a former Thai Prime Minister, could potentially travel to Chiang Mai to visit family and pay respects to his ancestors. However, this would require prior approval from probation officers.

Paetongtarn Shinawatra, Thaksin’s daughter and supporter, could submit a request to the local probation officers for her father’s travel. Montree elaborated that this was standard procedure. Probation officers would then examine the request, assessing the timing and purpose of the proposed visit.

Montree explained that the approval process involves a thorough examination of the necessity of the travel request. The officers would also consider if such a trip could contribute positively to Thaksin’s rehabilitation, aiding him in becoming a better individual.

According to Montree, probation officers possess the authority to approve temporary leave from the parolee’s stated residence if they believe it could contribute to his mental and physical rehabilitation. However, should Shinawatra plan to relocate his residence from งChan Song Laง Manor to a different location, probation officers would need to inspect the new residence, ensuring it adheres to the conditions and terms set by the parole committee.

Montree added that the specifics of Shinawatra’s potential departure date could not be made public due to privacy concerns and rights protection. He emphasised the importance of respecting the privacy and rights of individuals on parole, including Shinawatra, reported The Pattaya News.

“It was a normal process for probation officers to grant permission after scrutiny,” Montree was quoted, explaining the standard procedures for obtaining approval for travel or relocation while on parole.

“By leaving his stated residence, probation officers had the authority and discretion to approve his leave if it was for a short while and to rehabilitate him mentally and physically,” Montree added, highlighting the probation officers’ role and responsibilities in such cases.

“However, the details on the exact date of his leaving could not be disclosed to the public as it would violate his privacy and rights,” Montree concluded, underlining the importance of confidentiality in these matters.

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