Thailand’s TQM Insurance introduces cover for PM2.5 pollution-related diseases
Thailand’s TQM Insurance introduces cover for PM2.5 pollution-related diseasesLegacy

Health concerns over PM2.5 air pollution in Thailand are escalating, prompting insurance companies to develop policies that cover respiratory diseases attributed to the hazardous particulate matter. TQM Insurance Brokers, in collaboration with Bangkok Insurance (BKI), has introduced a novel health insurance policy specifically designed for ailments related to PM2.5 dust exposure.

The policy stipulates that if an insured individual is hospitalised for over five days due to such illness, a consolation payment of 100,000 baht will be remitted. Furthermore, the policyholder is entitled to daily compensation for up to 30 days as an inpatient.

Medical expenses for outpatients are covered by the policy, including coverage for acute respiratory infections (excluding Covid-19), cardiovascular disease, emphysema, conjunctivitis, and lung cancer (for first-time infection), reported Bangkok Post.

This unique insurance policy is available for Thai citizens between the ages of six and 65 years old. However, it does not extend to pre-existing diseases and conditions. The insured individuals must be in good health at the time of application, with only one policy issued per person.

The PM2.5 levels in Thailand have been deteriorating, as documented by the IQAir website. The website revealed that the Air Quality Index (AQI) in northern Thailand, including Chiang Mai, was 159 (red level) on Feb 28. An AQI within the range of 151-200 is acknowledged to have potential health impacts, possibly causing respiratory diseases. Data from the Public Health Ministry showed that last year, over 9.2 million Thais reported illnesses related to air pollution.

Abhisit Anantanaratana, BKI’s chief executive, explained the serious health implications of the PM2.5 level in Thailand, highlighting people’s concerns over health care and medical expenses.

“They are also concerned about bearing possible medical expenses, which is why we teamed up with TQM Insurance Brokers to develop a new policy that offers coverage to people facing a high risk of exposure to PM2.5 dust.”

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Author: Alex Morgan