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In this video, join Alex and Jay cover the news across the nation. Beginning with Thailand repatriated 900 Chinese nationals involved in scams from Myanmar. A Swiss tripping incident in Phuket sparked uproar on Thai social media. Road rage led to gunfire at the wrong car. Thailand plans significant airport infrastructure investments. Thai police focus on combating foreign mafia activities. Foreigners soon can use surrogacy services in Thailand. Get ready for a straightforward look at these compelling stories, perfect for anyone keen on catching up with Thailand’s recent news.


Thailand recently completed a humanitarian operation to repatriate around 900 Chinese nationals who had been ensnared in scam operations in Myanmar’s border town of Myawaddy. 

These individuals were transferred to Thailand’s Mae Sot, from where they were flown back to China on 15 flights over three days. Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin highlighted the operation as a collaborative, voluntary effort involving China, Myanmar, and Thailand, emphasizing its adherence to humanitarian principles. The operation reflects a broader regional issue, with Southeast Asia becoming a hub for telecoms and online fraud, leading to hundreds of thousands being trafficked into scam centers and forced into illegal work. This incident occurs against the backdrop of a startling revelation that pig-butchering scams, a form of fraud that has gained traction during the pandemic, have swindled over US$75 billion from victims worldwide. The UN estimates that more than 200,000 individuals are currently held in scam operations across Southeast Asia, underscoring the vast scale of this criminal network.


The Swiss ‘tripping’ incident in Phuket has caused a massive uproar on Thai social media

In Phuket, Thailand, residents are outraged after a Swiss expat, Urs Fehr, and his wife were accused of assaulting Dr. Thandao Chandam from Dibuk Hospital. The incident occurred when Dr. Chandam was sitting on steps near Fehr’s beachfront villa in Yamu Beach, Thalang district. Fehr, claiming a misunderstanding involving previous trespassers, and his wife, who also insulted the doctor, have faced calls for their expulsion and legal charges of physical assault. The controversy extends beyond the assault, as investigations revealed that the villa’s steps encroach on public beach land, leading to further legal complaints against the overseeing company of the villa project. Amidst escalating tensions, both Fehr and his wife apologized, stating the altercation was a misunderstanding, but the community’s anger has been fueled by concerns over public land encroachment and the demand for justice for Dr. Chandam.


A road rage incident leads to a man opening fire on the wrong car!

In Pattaya, Thailand, a shocking case of mistaken identity led to a violent incident when 33-year-old Supakrit Wannajinda mistakenly fired at the wrong vehicle, thinking it was involved in a previous road altercation. Supakrit, who rode to the Nongprue Police Station on his red Honda Spacy I motorcycle, turned himself in, presenting a Forjas Taurus revolver and bullet casings as evidence of his cooperation. The unintended target, a bronze Toyota Vigo pickup owned by 50-year-old Saibua Sangjan, was damaged but, fortunately, there were no physical injuries reported. Supakrit’s mistaken act of anger has highlighted the dangerous consequences of road rage, leading to his arrest and charges for property damage and the unlawful discharge of a firearm in public. He has since reached out to Saibua to apologize and agreed to compensate for the damages caused.


The Thai government is aiming to invest billions of dollars into its airport infrastructure

The Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) has initiated a significant project to enhance Thailand’s aviation industry by accelerating the development of six national airports with an investment of approximately 210 billion baht (US$5.86 billion). This initiative aims to position Thailand among the top 20 global aviation hubs within five years, aligning with the government’s vision to boost the country’s status in the global aviation sector. The airports targeted for development include Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Chiang Mai, Mae Fah Luang-Chiang Rai, Phuket, and Hat Yai. This move is expected to strengthen Thailand’s connectivity to international destinations, thereby benefiting the tourism sector significantly. However, challenges such as flight availability and traffic congestion need addressing to meet rising demand and improve passenger convenience. Additionally, Thai Airways plans to augment its fleet with 45 new aircraft by 2027 and establish a new Aircraft Repair Center in the Eastern Economic Corridor, enhancing maintenance capabilities through international collaborations.


Foreign mafia operation within Thailands boarders is becoming an area of focus for Thai police

In Phuket, a popular tourist destination, allegations have surfaced about the operation of foreign mafia gangs, predominantly Russian, taking over local businesses and engaging in illegal activities, including drug smuggling. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, the Deputy leader of the United Thai Nation, raised these concerns following a visit to the area. These groups are also accused of using their financial power to bribe officials and evade legal consequences. The Thai government, acknowledging these issues alongside Phuket’s traffic congestion problems, has pledged to take swift action. Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charnvirakul emphasized the importance of addressing any influential individuals, regardless of nationality, who break the law or negatively impact Thai citizens, underlining a commitment to law, order, and the safety of both locals and tourists.


Foreigners will soon be able to source their surrogate mothers in Thailand

Thailand is on the verge of amending its surrogacy laws to allow foreign couples to engage in surrogate births within the country, a move disclosed by the Department of Health Service Support. Currently, the law limits surrogacy services to Thai nationals, but the proposed changes would enable foreign couples to either bring surrogate mothers from abroad or choose Thai surrogates. This initiative aims to activate the health economy significantly while incorporating strict regulations to prevent human trafficking. The move comes after years of combating illegal surrogacy practices and is part of broader efforts to address the country’s declining birth rates and aging population. With fertility treatments becoming increasingly successful and accessible across 115 facilities, the government is also looking to facilitate egg donations from women’s biological relatives and surrogacy arrangements for women over 55, aiming to rejuvenate the population dynamics.


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