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In today Thailand video news, Alex and Jay cover the stories across the country. Beginning with Thailand’s inaugural cell broadcast service test, a distressing altercation between a Swiss man and a Thai woman, the safe rescue of a lost tourist in Phuket’s jungles, a shocking incident of flag theft in Phuket, a miraculous rescue of a fisherman trapped in a drain pipe, and the mesmerizing sight of a green fireball illuminating the Thai skies. Join us as we uncover the latest events shaping Thailand’s narrative.

On Tuesday, Thailand tested its first cell broadcast service (CBS).

This novel emergency alert system for mobile phones is a collaborative effort between the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) and Advanced Info Service (AIS). Conducted at the NBTC headquarters, the test showcased the system’s ability to efficiently transmit disaster warnings by connecting to the government’s central command center. The CBS technology permits the dissemination of alerts directly to devices in targeted areas without needing phone numbers, thereby ensuring rapid information distribution. NBTC chairman, Sarana Boonbaichaiyapruck, and AIS’s Waroonthep Watcharaporn, expressed satisfaction with the trial’s outcome and the system’s potential for widespread emergency notifications. The implementation involves a two-part process: content and area definition by the central command center and message delivery to base stations by mobile operators, with an anticipated cost of about 400 million baht per operator. This initiative aims to enhance public safety in response to violent incidents and natural disasters, increase public confidence, and improve economic stability and security.

A brutal incident between a Swiss man and Thai woman unfolded yesterday

In Trang, Thailand, a distressing altercation occurred on March 5 at a shopping mall, involving 58-year-old Thai national Natchanan Kikkham and 60-year-old Swiss national Dieter Matthias Straumann, leaving Natchanan with severe injuries and a recovery period of at least a month. The incident started over a minor bump, escalating quickly when Straumann attacked Natchanan, resulting in her sustaining a broken nose and chest trauma. Despite being detained, Straumann offered no information during questioning, with his legal status confirmed by a recent passport renewal. Natchanan’s son, Kritpong, and other relatives are advocating for justice, highlighting the attack’s unprovoked nature and rallying witness support. Police are preparing to charge Straumann with serious assault as evidence mounts for prosecution. This case occurs alongside scrutiny of Swiss citizen Urs Fehr’s visa and business activities following a separate assault in Phuket, reflecting growing concerns over foreign nationals’ conduct in Thailand.


A foreign tourist lost in the Jungles of Phuket is found safely

A Belarusian tourist, who had ventured into a jungle trek in the Layan area of Phuket and got lost, was found safe and unharmed after an overnight search. The tourist, who arrived in Thailand on February 18 and moved to Phuket on March 3, lost his way in the dense jungle despite following a map. Upon contacting the Tourist Police late at night, a search team including local police and rescue workers was deployed, finding him early the next morning without any injuries. This incident highlights the effectiveness of the Tourist Police ‘I Lert U’ app, designed to assist non-Thai speakers in emergencies, showcasing its crucial role in ensuring the safety of foreign tourists in Phuket.


A foreign man was caught on CCTV stealing a Thai flag from outside an office in Phuket

The incident sparked outrage among Thai netizens who urged for serious legal action due to the flag’s high respect among locals. The footage, shared by the Jootee Tin Dredging Company on Phuket Hotnews’ Facebook page, shows the man removing the flag from its pole on Phang Nga Road in the Mueang district, accompanied by three other foreign men whose association with the thief remains unclear. The company condemned the act as unacceptable, highlighting the flag’s significance to Thai people and calling for police prosecution of the foreigner, irrespective of his motives. The reaction online was vehement, with calls for the thief’s deportation and legal action to serve as a deterrent to others. The company has not confirmed if the incident has been reported to the police, and there has been no media update on the case. This incident recalls a similar theft in 2017 in Krabi, where two Italian men were arrested and charged for disrespecting Thai national symbols, highlighting the gravity of such actions under Thai law.

A fisherman stuck in a drain pipe survives his harrowing experience

In Maha Sarakham, a province in Isaan, Thailand, a man named Runjuan, aged 45, was rescued from a drainage pipe where he had been trapped for two days following a fishing trip. His cries for help were heard by a garbage collector along the Nadune-Maha Sarakham Road, who then alerted the Yang Nakhon Rescue Foundation and Nadune Hospital. The rescue team found Runjuan stuck in an 80-centimeter diameter pipe, 20 meters from the exit, blocked by dirt, mud, and high water levels at the ends. After a two-hour effort, they freed Runjuan and took him to the hospital for a health check. Runjuan’s father, Muan, had been searching for his son, who had not returned from fishing, and considered it fortunate that the garbage collector found him, as local residents had not noticed his absence or heard his cries.


Last night, a striking green fireball lit up the skies of Thailand, sparking intense online speculation about its nature. 

Around 9pm, reports flooded in of a bright green light traversing the sky, thought by some to be a meteor or a falling star. The Thai Astronomical Society, responding to the buzz, stated they were investigating the phenomenon, which was seen across several central provinces. This event occurred amidst anticipation of comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, visible in the western sky after sunset and revisiting Earth every 71 years, drawing parallels to Halley’s Comet. Although it’s unclear if the green fireball was related to this comet, the incident has fueled the public’s fascination with astronomical events. This intrigue is further highlighted by Thai astronomers’ recent discovery of 13 ancient low-mass galaxies using the James Webb Space Telescope and the invitation to observe the Geminids meteor shower, showcasing Thailand’s active engagement with cosmic exploration.

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