Thailand to boost rice exports to Hong Kong and China
Thailand to boost rice exports to Hong Kong and ChinaLegacy

An upward trend in rice exports from Thailand to Hong Kong and China is anticipated this year, with a particular demand for riceberry and brown rice. This expectation is driven by the global economic recovery and a discerning preference for high-quality rice grains.

Thailand is also aspiring to establish a distribution centre in Shenzhen to bolster its market presence.

The Rice Merchants’ Association of Hong Kong’s chairman, Kenneth Chan, and a representative from China Merchants Godown, Wharf & Transportation Co, recently held discussions with Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai. The talks revolved around Thailand’s R&D policy to improve rice quality and cater to the distinct needs of various consumer groups. The intent is to maintain a competitive edge in the international rice market.

This year, Hong Kong is estimated to import approximately 180,000 tonnes of Thai rice, a significant increase from last year’s 150,000 tonnes. The majority of the imports will likely be Thai jasmine rice.

On March 8-9, Phumtham expressed interest in setting up a distribution centre in Shenzhen during meetings with Thai jasmine rice importers. The Commerce Ministry is prepared to facilitate negotiations with the Chinese government regarding land leasing for the proposed project. Further discussions with Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin are on the agenda.

Hong Kong is the third-largest export market for Thai jasmine rice, trailing behind the US and China. Last year, Hong Kong imported a total of 257,200 tonnes of rice, of which 57.7% (148,500 tonnes) originated from Thailand, 23.4% (60,100 tonnes) from Vietnam, and 8.2% (21,200 tonnes) from China.

Commitment from rice merchants’ association of Hong Kong

The Rice Merchants’ Association of Hong Kong has confirmed its continued commitment to importing rice from Thailand, expressing confidence in the quality and standards of Thai rice.

Phumtham inspected the jasmine rice storage facility in Hong Kong and affirmed its high standards, noting its capacity to maintain the quality of Thai rice. Given the limited space and high humidity, rice importers are required to lease temperature and humidity-controlled vertical rice warehouses to preserve the quality and aroma of Thai jasmine rice.

The association, established in 1919, manages rice import and distribution in Hong Kong, currently boasting 50 members.

Chan stated that Hong Kong rice importers maintain a strong relationship with the Thai Rice Exporters Association, with annual trade missions further solidifying this bond.

Rice is a fundamental food staple in Hong Kong and is listed as a reserved commodity under a government-controlled scheme to ensure fair pricing and adequate supply. Hong Kong accommodates 238 registered rice importers and operates 142 storage facilities, reported Bangkok Post.

The Thai government has set an ambitious goal to export 7.5 million tonnes of rice by 2024, anticipating strong demand.


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Author: Alex Morgan