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Thailand Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew expressed confidence in a recently enacted limit on methamphetamine possession, aimed at crippling the operations of small-scale drug dealers.

“I insist the law will be effective right after it’s issued.”

The freshly minted regulation declares that an individual may possess no more than five methamphetamine pills without attracting criminal charges. Instead of prosecution, such individuals will be viewed as drug users and offered rehabilitation as an alternative, reported Bangkok Post.

Cholnan explains that this is a part of the government’s wider strategy to approach drug users as psychiatric patients, in a bid to undercut the influence of minor drug dealers. All facets of the new drug limit have undergone thorough review based on medical science and have received approval from the relevant committee, cabinet, and Council of State, he further elaborated.

In addressing concerns voiced via social media that the new legislation may inadvertently encourage drug trade, Cholnan was clear that there would be no leniency shown towards drug dealers. In the event of narcotics possession being linked to drug dealing, severe penalties will be enforced.

Regarding drug users, Cholnan explained that they will be granted a singular opportunity to enter rehabilitation without the threat of incarceration. However, repeated offences will lead to legal consequences. He clarified that the law does not delineate the number of times a user can enter rehabilitation, with each case being assessed individually.

“If the drug addicts have a strong intention to undergo rehab, one time is normally enough for them to change.”

Cholnan highlighted the need for authorities to consider the environment that breeds drug addiction and to devise strategies to address the broader issue.

“Most small drug dealers likely start as users until they run out of money and become dealers instead.”

By separating drug users from sellers through effective rehabilitation, Cholnan believes the cycle of drug abuse can be broken.

“If we can rehabilitate them until they have recuperated, we will be able to eradicate the cycle of drug abuse.”

In related news, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin led discussions on redefining methamphetamine possession. Despite opposition from the Royal Thai Police and the ONCB, the proposal aimed to classify individuals with 10 or fewer pills as users.

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Author: Mitch Connor