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The Basic Education Commission’s secretary-general issued guidance to all school administrations to halt in-person teachings during periods of extreme heat. Thanu Wongchinda’s announcement, made yesterday, aims to safeguard the health of both students and teachers, considering the potential risk of heat stroke.

The first half of April is predicted to bring intense heat, particularly affecting regions such as the northeast, north, central plains, and east. This period coincides with the commencement of the 2024 school term, thus raising notable concerns.

On days marked by extreme heat, Thanu advises school administrations to cancel outdoor activities, ensure the provision of ample drinking water and conduct thorough checks on electric wires and appliances. In place of traditional classrooms, the implementation of online classes is recommended.

In addition, he has called for vigilance among school staff regarding vehicles, with the aim of preventing students from being accidentally locked inside parked automobiles, reported Bangkok Post.

In a recent Facebook post, climate expert Associate Professor Seree Supratid highlighted the exacerbating effects of global warming. He stated that the annual duration of the hottest period in Bangkok could potentially escalate from 17 days to 80 days, particularly between March and May.

In related news, Thailand’s Meteorological Department (TMD) issued a severe heat warning for upper Thailand, with temperatures expected to soar to a scorching 44 degrees Celsius in the northern, central, and northeastern regions.

The capital, Bangkok, is also set to experience high heat levels, with temperatures predicted to reach 42 degrees Celsius. The public is advised to avoid prolonged outdoor activities and strenuous work due to the extreme heat conditions, which could pose health risks.

The extreme heat is a result of a low-pressure area caused by high temperatures dominating the upper part of the country, leading to generally hot to very hot weather conditions and partly cloudy skies during the day.

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Author: Mitch Connor