Thailand hosts first-ever ‘Cops Combat’ martial arts contest
Thailand hosts first-ever ‘Cops Combat’ martial arts contestLegacy

Thailand is set to host its first-ever mixed martial arts event for police officers only, targetted for May 28 at Rajadamnern Stadium, the appropriately titles Cops Combat event will see police officers from various parts of the country competing in a combat sports tournament.

The competition is open to both male and female officers of all ranks and ages, divided into seven weight classes for men ranging from 56 kilogrammes to over 94kg and for women from 45kg to 70kg.

The event’s slogan states: In the ring, there is no rank, only heart and body.

Officers who wish to participate must apply through their respective bureaus and divisions. Successful applicants will represent their divisions in the tournament.

The event will be available for public viewing through a live stream on the Cops Combat Facebook page, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience.

Police Lieutenant General Jirabhop Bhuridej, commander of the Central Investigation Bureau and head of the organising committee, recently chaired a meeting at the Muay Thai boxing stadium to discuss the event’s details.

The meeting was attended by representatives from both public and private sectors, highlighting the collaborative effort behind the event.

Jirabhop emphasised the need for the tournament to adhere to international standards and prioritise the safety of its competitors.

The introduction of Cops Combat as a new discipline in the 2024 Police Games underscores the Royal Thai Police’s commitment to enhancing officers’ self-defence skills and promoting physical fitness, helping them to better prepare for the physical demands of their duties.

Participants will be required to wear the latest patrol police uniforms along with comprehensive protective gear. This includes head guards with clear visors, forehead, nose, and chin shields, shin guards, dental mouth guards, and groin guards.

Each match will consist of a single three-minute round. Victories can be secured through various means, including knockout, submission, judges’ decision, or disqualification.

The upcoming event promises to be a landmark occasion in the realm of police training and martial arts, demonstrating a blend of athleticism, professional preparedness and culture.

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Author: Ryan Turner