Thailand boosts welfare benefits for elderly, infants, and disabledLegacy

Thailand’s Ministry of Social Development and Human Security has taken a momentous step forward to enhance welfare benefits for the elderly, infants, and individuals with disabilities. The sub-committee under the ministry assented to this significant development.

According to Varawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Social Development and Human Security, the proposed scheme would offer a flat rate welfare payment of 1,000 baht (US$27.80) monthly to the elderly. This marks a departure from the existing system, where the rate fluctuates between 600 (US$16.68) and 800 baht (US$22.24), contingent on the recipient’s age, reported Bangkok Post.

The sub-committee also agreed to enlarge a child subsidy scheme. The scheme will now encompass all newborn babies, regardless of the financial status of their family, to uphold support for the critical early years of every child.

The existing system provides a monthly subsidy of 600 baht to newborns from underprivileged families. This aid continues until the child reaches six years old, supporting approximately two million children.

However, the new scheme promises a monthly subsidy of 600 baht for all newborns until the age of six, irrespective of the income of their family.

Varawut further added that the sub-committee concluded that childcare centres should start admitting children as young as three months old. The current system allows admissions from six months old. This change aligns with the 98-day maternity leave rule and is expected to alleviate the pressure on working mothers.

The monthly subsidy for individuals with disabilities is also set to increase from 800 baht to 1,000 baht. Moreover, the scheme would remunerate assistants of the disabled at a rate of 100 baht per hour, marking a significant raise from the current 50 baht per hour.

Varawut concluded by saying that the proposal will be submitted to the ministry’s main committee overseeing welfare for approval, marking a significant stride towards improved social welfare in Thailand.

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Author: Mitch Connor