Thai workers win million baht each after Naga visits dreams
Thai workers win million baht each after Naga visits dreamsLegacy

A group of municipal workers hit the lottery jackpot, each winning 1 million baht after a sacred Naga, a mythological serpent, allegedly visited them in their dreams. This windfall coincided with an auspicious ceremony held today, February 28, at the Nong Yat Municipal Office in Nakhon Phanom Province, where Uthai Kotsa, the Mayor, and Chawanin Buntengsaksiri, the Municipal Clerk, led the groundbreaking for the construction of the Phaya Chaiyamongkol Naga statue. The statue, destined to be a new landmark by the Nong Yat reservoir, will stand 19 metres tall and measure 109 metres in length.

Chawanin, in his role as a Brahmin priest, conducted a ritual involving the lighting of 16 incense sticks to communicate with the local deities and the subterranean Naga. The ceremony also included the relocation of a Mother Earth deity to make way for the excavation of a 10-metre-wide and 4-metre-deep foundation. This ritual seemed to set the stage for the subsequent lottery success, which left officials and residents in awe when the winning numbers matched the address of the municipal office, reported KhaoSod.

Following the foundation-laying ceremony on February 12, and the collection of initial donations amounting to 59,252 baht towards the 5.7 million baht project budget, Chawanin revealed that the Naga had appeared in a dream to a bank employee from the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), who had distributed drinking water during the ceremony.

In the dream, the Naga provided the numbers 395 and 43, which reportedly led to several bank employees winning 1 million baht each in the lottery draw on February 16.

Chawanin further explained that after the lottery win, the municipal employees dreamt of the Naga again, which led to the discovery of more auspicious numbers. During a ritual to thank the spirits, he lit incense sticks and obtained the numbers 277, and showcased on his phone the dreamt Naga numbers 90, as well as the previous week’s incense numbers 399 and 39, which astonishingly matched the municipal office’s address, number 239.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood