Thai woman seals 10.5 million baht land deal after divine blessingLegacy

After sealing a successful land deal worth over 10 million baht, a former nurse fulfilled her vow at Wat Noen Suk in Rayong province by presenting a grand offering to the deity Thao Wessuwan.

The former nurse turned property developer, 31 year old Nawal Jarmjurek, and her colleague 28 year old Sawitree Tungsawanich, were observed meticulously arranging red syrup and roses as offerings to the deity.

Nawal disclosed her journey from nursing at Rayong Hospital to entering the real estate business. She had always maintained a strong belief in Thao Wessuwan. It was this faith that led her to seek blessings for the sale of 10 rai (approximately 16,000 square metres) of land in her housing development project located in Ban Charoen Suk. Her goal was to sell all the plots by May last year. Astonishingly, after praying to Thao Wessuwan, she achieved her target within just one month, netting over 10.5 million baht.

In immediate gratitude, she orchestrated a traditional dance ensemble from the Galangal Metropolitan troupe and offered 999 bottles of red syrup and 999 red roses, both believed to be favourites of the deity.

Additionally, the shrine drew a multitude of other visitors, including 53 year old Winai from Rayong. He brought flowers, incense, and candles to give thanks to the deity after winning multiple lottery tickets and several smaller prizes, reported Sanook.

A steady stream of locals came to pay their respects, make offerings, and seek blessings. The faithful participated in gilding sacred balls and sprinkling holy water, ceremonies led by the monks to bring good fortune to themselves and their families. The sound of firecrackers echoed throughout the day, adding to the festive ambiance.

In related news, a buzz of excitement swept through the police housing complex in Surin Province on Thursday as officers and the local community gathered for a ritual ceremony. The ceremonial relocation of a spirit house at the police flats, adjacent to the main road number 226 from Sikhoraphum to Surin, became the focal point for lottery enthusiasts seeking auspicious numbers to bet on for the lottery draw on Friday, March 1.

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Author: Samantha Rose