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A Russian man shaved part of his barber’s hair after not getting his desired haircut in Jomtien, Pattaya on January 25.

The hairdresser, 32 year old Supachai Maneecharoen found himself in a hair-raising predicament during a routine trim last month. The scissor showdown unfolded as the language barrier led to this salon drama.

Amidst snips and clips, a Russian man, struggling with linguistic nuances, resorted to expressive hand gestures to convey his desired haircut to Supachai. Misinterpreting the non-verbal cues, the Thai stylist diligently snipped away, believing he had captured the essence of what his client wanted.

As the final strands fell, chaos erupted. The dissatisfied Russian man, reportedly irate, unleashed his frustration with a thunderous hand slam on the styling table, jolting the entire salon. However, the real twist came when the disgruntled Russian seized a razor from the table and swiftly transformed a section of Supachai’s locks into an avant-garde masterpiece, reported ASEAN Now.

In a flash, the unimpressed Russian mounted a motorcycle and sped away, leaving the Thai hairdresser baffled in his hair-torn wake. Shaken by the unexpected razor ambush, Supachai promptly reported the incident to Pattaya Police Station.

In related news, an 18 year old Chinese woman suffered a shocking haircut experience after purchasing a special discount coupon for a beauty salon in Yongxing, Chenjow, Hunan, China. The Chinese woman, known as Tao, reportedly paid 330 baht for the wash, cut, and dry service.

Upon entering the salon on the afternoon of November 1, Tao started to suspect something was wrong halfway through her haircut. The long locks she had, transformed into a helmet-like cut, led her to burst into tears in the salon.

In other news, a barber in the Italian city of Genoa was apprehended by the police on suspicion of drug trafficking after noticing a high number of bald, beardless customers frequenting his shop. The police officers became aware of potential drug trafficking in the Foce district of Genoa, although they had no clear leads.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal