Thai parents beware of lethal ‘party lollipops’ sweeping through social mediaLegacy

The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has issued a stern warning to parents as a new threat emerges in the form of seemingly harmless lollipops.

Dubbed “party lollipops” or “drunk lollipops,” these dangerous candies have skyrocketed in popularity among the younger generation and partygoers, posing a grave risk to unsuspecting individuals.

Police Lieuteant-General Phanurat Lakboon, the Secretary-General of the ONCB, disclosed that these illicit treats are openly peddled on social media platforms following a crackdown on other recreational drugs. During tests conducted by the ONCB’s Narcotic Analysis and Technical Service Institute, alarming results surfaced. One variant contained nimetazepam and tramadol, two contained ketamine and tramadol, and another concealed the potent flunitrazepam.

“These ingredients fall under highly controlled, category 2 psychotropic substances and should only be prescribed by certified medical professionals. Ingesting them can lead to hallucinations, respiratory depression, and even death.”

Previously, authorities had targeted a similar menace in powdered form, mixed with coffee or alcoholic beverages, gaining popularity in nocturnal entertainment circles.

Phanurat sternly warned that the illegal distribution or sale of category 2 psychotropic substances carries severe penalties, up to 15 years’ imprisonment or a hefty 1.5 million baht fine. Moreover, advertising these perilous drugs on public platforms like social media could result in a two-year jail term and/or a substantial fine of 200,000 baht, reported The Nation.

The ONCB strongly urged parents to scrutinize the candies their children are purchasing, as innocent-looking sweets might conceal life-threatening consequences. Phanurat also emphasised the importance of families monitoring the behaviour of their members, particularly those who frequently venture out at night or visit entertainment venues.

Citizens are urged to contact the ONCB’s hotline at 1386 if they have any knowledge of drug use in their families or community.

In related news, a Thai delivery rider dodged a drug charge after a dealer tricked him into transporting crystal meth and ecstasy by claiming the parcel was a watch. The 38 year old delivery rider reported the discovery of the drugs to Hua Mark Police Station on January 31 at about 10.45pm.

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Author: Mitch Connor