Thai Navy personnel distribute essential medical supplies to grateful fishermen during a maritime patrol in the Gulf of Thailand.

GULF OF THAILAND – The First Naval Area Command of the Royal Thai Navy deploys regular patrols in the upper Gulf of Thailand, to uphold maritime safety and ensure order in the region, a vital task for safeguarding national interests at sea.

After meticulously inspecting fishing vessels operating within Thai waters on July 5, it was determined that all fishing activities were conducted in accordance with legal regulations, with no instances of illegal fishing or smuggling detected.

Patrol Vessel Tor226 conducts inspections ensuring compliance with maritime laws, detecting no illegal activities during their mission.

In addition as a humanitarian gesture, sailors aboard the Tor 226 distributed essential medical supplies to fishermen in the area. This initiative aimed to enhance the health and well-being of the fishing community, who deeply appreciated the support provided.

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Author: Pattaya Mail