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A Thai mother took to social media to share a bullying incident at a school in the Sriracha district of Chon Buri province and seek justice for her son, who has been a victim of his classmates for years.

The mother posted the story of her son on Facebook two days ago, February 20. She revealed to the public that her son is studying at a high school in the Sriracha district of Chon Buri province. The school was reportedly famous and had gained the trust of many Thai parents, including herself.

The woman mentioned that she was willing to pay the school’s expensive tuition fees, hoping her son would learn from good teachers and make good friends. However, she recently realised that the hefty fee did not guarantee anything.

She went on to explain that she misunderstood that her son was lazy and stubborn, only to realise later that he had been bullied at school. Recently, her son confided in her, revealing the years of suffering he had endured.

The full extent of the situation unfolded when her son began refusing to attend school, consistently citing illness. Persuading him to disclose the reason for his reluctance revealed the ongoing bullying he had been experiencing.

According to the mother, a group of schoolboys bullied her son in various ways and forced him to violate school rules. She also shared a picture of when one boy placed his foot on her son’s head and a video of when the group ordered her son to lie on the ground on a hot afternoon.

The mother added that her son could not resist the orders from those boys. If he did so, he would be physically assaulted by the gang.

Channel 3 contacted the school to inquire about the matter. One of the teachers reported that the school acknowledged the issue and would question the victim in more detail. The parents of both parties would be informed about the problem, and the school promised to punish the group of students if they were found guilty.

The mother of the victim told the media that she would wait for the meeting with the school and would later update the development of the case to the public.

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Author: Petch Petpailin