Thai govt boosts support for park rangers with wage increase
Thai govt boosts support for park rangers with wage increaseLegacy

The Thai government has taken a significant step to strengthen the crucial efforts of national park rangers by introducing a series of measures to improve their welfare and support. Among these measures is a wage increase, serving as a clear acknowledgement of the invaluable contributions made by park rangers across the country.

The Director-General of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation, Ataphon Jaroenchan today, May 21, revealed that the Budget Bureau has allocated funds to increase the salaries of any external personnel working for the department across the country.

The positions benefitting from this move are mainly forest rangers, whose salaries have been raised from 9,000 baht to 11,000 baht per month.

This move has been warmly welcomed by park rangers nationwide, seen as a significant morale boost in their mission to protect the nation’s forest resources.

In addition to this salary increase, there have been improvements in the welfare benefits provided to park rangers. This includes the approval of funds from the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Fund and the Endangered Species Conservation Fund to support rangers who are injured or killed in the line of duty.

These enhancements stem from amendments to the National Parks Act of 2019 and the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act of 2019, ensuring proper legal disbursement of these funds, which have greatly assisted many park rangers in need.

On the frontlines

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Lieutenant General Patcharawat Wongsuwan, expressed concern for the well-being of park rangers, recognising the challenging and risky nature of their duties in safeguarding forested areas.

He emphasised a policy aimed at proactive conservation efforts, which involves revitalisation and the incorporation of new technologies for better management.

He believes that this move will streamline ranger operations, reduce conflicts, and increase job satisfaction among the personnel.

The lives of park rangers entail patrolling vast distances, monitoring illicit activities, and gathering data on wildlife to inform conservation strategies and assess the environmental conditions of the forests they oversee.

However, with each ranger responsible for an average of nearly 5,000 acres, challenges persist due to insufficient income, benefits, and the discomforts of living in remote forested areas for extended periods, highlighting the ongoing hardships faced in their mission, reported The Standard.

The commitment to protecting the nation’s natural heritage remains steadfast, underscored by these recent governmental initiatives aimed at supporting and acknowledging the invaluable contributions of park rangers in preserving Thailand’s biodiversity and ecological integrity.

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Author: Ryan Turner