Thai doctor’s allergy leads to fatal dinner at Florida Disney WorldLegacy

A Thai doctor from New York died after an allergic reaction at a restaurant at Disney World, Florida.

Her grieving husband is taking legal action against the Florida resort and the restaurant where they dined, alleging negligence in a lawsuit filed recently.

According to reports from NBC News Digital, the complaint filed in a Florida circuit court on behalf of Jeffrey J. Piccolo claims that Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant served Dr Kanokporn Tangsuan food containing allergens, despite assurances of allergy safety.

The 42 year old Thai doctor succumbed to a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis on the night of October 5 last year, as per a medical examiner’s autopsy report cited in the lawsuit. The trio, Dr Kanokporn, Piccolo, and his mother, opted for dinner at the restaurant in Disney Springs, believing it could cater to her allergies, the complaint states.

Despite reassurances from the server and the establishment’s purported commitment to allergy safety, tragedy struck. The couple repeatedly sought clarification on allergen-free options, only to be assured that their chosen dishes would be safe for consumption.

Following the meal, tragedy struck. Dr Kanokporn began experiencing difficulty breathing around 8.45pm, collapsing in a nearby restaurant due to the severe allergic reaction triggered by the food served at Raglan Road. Despite administering her EpiPen, her condition deteriorated rapidly, requiring emergency medical attention.

Paramedics rushed the Thai doctor to the hospital, where, tragically, she succumbed to an allergic reaction. Piccolo, unaware of the unfolding tragedy, was informed by a bystander who answered his wife’s phone. Upon arrival at the hospital, he received the devastating news of her passing, reported Thai PBS World.

An autopsy revealed elevated levels of dairy and nuts in Dr Kanokporn’s system, aligning with her known allergies. However, the validity and significance of these findings, conducted post-mortem, remain under question.

The lawsuit, naming the restaurant and Disney Parks and Resorts as defendants, alleges multiple counts of negligence and seeks damages exceeding US$50,000 (approximately 1,800,000 baht). As the legal battle unfolds, it casts a sombre light on the importance of allergen awareness and safety protocols in dining establishments, even within the magical realms of Disney.

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Author: Samantha Rose