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A Thai businesswoman has captured hearts by forgiving debts and returning land titles to two of her debtors without demanding repayment. A 37 year old woman has demonstrated an extraordinary act of kindness in Chumphon province, amidst the financial struggles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Onanong Kanpat, known as Nong On, who runs a business trading in fresh kratom leaves, decided to cancel the debts after reflecting on her difficult past and the current hardships faced by her clients. One debtor, an elderly man with chronic illness and substantial medical bills, was relieved of his debt, which had been secured against his approximately four-acre land valued at over 1 million baht (US$ 27,831). The man had been unable to make payments for six months, putting him at risk of losing his property.

The other debtor, who shared Onanong’s profession but was only operating on a smaller scale within the provinces of Chumphon and Ranong, had faced numerous setbacks, including being defrauded multiple times. With a young child to care for and struggling to afford even milk, this debtor’s plight resonated deeply with Onanong, prompting her decision to nullify the debt.

Onanong’s generous act was not without sacrifice. She curbed her expenses, foregoing beauty treatments, luxury clothing, and expensive accessories, saving enough money to cover the cost of cancelling the debts while not affecting her business capital. This approach allowed her to provide these debtors with a fresh start without compromising her financial stability, reported Sanook.

The story of Onanong’s generosity has spread rapidly, bringing her praise and admiration, as well as numerous requests for financial assistance from strangers. While she expresses a desire to help, Onanong emphasises the importance of self-reliance and has encouraged those seeking aid to first look to their means or support from family and friends.

Onanong credits her grandparents, who raised her since she was orphaned, for instilling in her the values of hard work, self-sufficiency, and compassion for others. Her late grandfather taught her to extend a helping hand to fellow humans when possible, while her grandmother, still alive at 87 years old and paralysed for over 30 years, advised her to strive independently without accumulating debt.

Looking ahead, Onanong plans to continue her philanthropic efforts, potentially using future profits from her kratom business to fund public projects like road lighting, road repairs, and hospital support.

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Author: Samantha Rose