Thai abbot found burnt in forest shocks local community
Thai abbot found burnt in forest shocks local communityLegacy

A revered abbot’s tragic demise has sent shockwaves through a Thai community after his body was found burned to the extent that only his upper torso remained identifiable. The abbot, Luang Pu Poon Thitapunyo, of Wat Pa Kesem Suk in Phetchabun Province, was discovered in a forested area behind the temple. The police have been meticulously piecing together evidence ever since.

Police have transported Luang Pu Poon’s remains to Phetchabun Hospital for a post-mortem examination to ascertain the exact cause of death. Forensic officers revisited the site to gather additional evidence, including the abbot’s belongings, which may provide crucial insights into the case.

Near the site where Luang Pu Poon’s body was found, investigators uncovered more disturbing evidence: charred human body parts, including lower limbs, as well as wire coils within burned tyres, which have been sent for DNA testing.

The Provincial Police Region Commander, Police Major General Saranay Kongmueang, stated that initial autopsy results revealed soot in the lungs and trachea, indicating Luang Pu Poon was alive when the fire started. However, the exact circumstances leading to his death are still being investigated. Maj. Gen. Saranay confirmed that there were no signs of a slit throat, gunshot wounds, or physical assault on the body.

Despite questioning individuals close to Luang Pu Poon, no suspects have been identified. The police have not ruled out any possibilities and await further forensic results, expected in approximately seven days, reported KhaoSod.

Following the completion of the autopsy, the abbot’s disciples collected his body to conduct religious rites at the temple’s sermon hall amid the sorrow of the local community. Villagers and fellow monks have come together to prepare the cremation site, with plans to hold the funeral ceremony tomorrow, March 7.

The schedule includes moving the body to the cremation site at noon, a Dhamma sermon at 12.30pm, Buddhist chants at 1pm, and the traditional offering of robes at 2pm, culminating in the cremation ceremony.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood