Thai 5th grader juggles school and babysitting duties in class (video)
Thai 5th grader juggles school and babysitting duties in class (video)Legacy

A heartwarming video of a Thai 5th grader bottle-feeding her younger sister has captured the hearts of millions in Thailand.

The 20-second clip, now viral, features a young student nicknamed Green diligently writing in her exercise book with her right hand while cradling her one year old sister in her left arm. The adorable toddler appears content and engaged, sipping from her milk bottle and gazing up at her big sister with admiration.

The touching scene unfolds at Ban Klong Kaem Cham School in Prachin Buri, where a compassionate teacher with the TikTok handle @Yingggzz, provided some context in the video’s description.

“She is the eldest sister in her family. Her mum is busy running errands. This is better than having to miss school to look after your sister, right?

“I’m not sure how other teachers would feel, but I always tell my students not to miss class… and she is really doing it. Good thing her sister is not naughty.”

Support and praise have flooded in from netizens, with many applauding Green’s resilience and multitasking skills, reported Thai PBS World.

“She is very tough, writing with one hand and holding her sister in the other.”

Others praised the teacher for her empathy, commending her decision to allow Green’s little sister to join the classroom.

In related news, Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngampichet launched a groundbreaking initiative to tackle the chaos of school traffic as the new semester kicks off. The mayor has rallied the Order Maintenance Division and traffic police from Pattaya City to ensure smooth and safe commutes for students and parents.

Determined to ease the daily gridlock, city officials are out in force every morning and evening, especially during the dreaded rush hours.

In other news, a teenage schoolgirl stepped onto a gutter, causing its cover to give way beneath her, and got her leg stuck as a result in Sri Racha district, Chon Buri on Thursday, February 1.


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Author: Samantha Rose