Tenant finds unexplained stains in condo sparking online debate in Thailand
Tenant finds unexplained stains in condo sparking online debate in ThailandLegacy

A recent social media post spurred widespread online discussion after a condo resident in Thailand shared images of mysterious stains found while cleaning a sofa. The post, uploaded by a popular Facebook page known for sharing curious and intriguing stories, depicted large blotches resembling bloodstains, prompting the tenant to question the origin of the marks and express concern over the unsettling discovery.

The tenant, having recently moved into a new condo, decided to deep clean the furniture after two months of residence. During the cleaning process, the discovery of these stains, particularly alarming due to the absence of any similar marks on the sofa or pillow covers, raised alarm. The agency responsible for the property could not explain, further adding to the mystery and anxiety of the situation, reported KhaoSod.

Online commentators have since dived into a frenzy of speculation. Some suggested the stains could be menstrual blood that had somehow seeped through the cushions. Others offered less ominous explanations, like spilt chocolate milk or wine. Yet, the true nature of the stains remains undetermined, as the tenant and online community grapple with various theories.

In related news, a case of shocking tenant misconduct involving a young woman and her boyfriend, both of whom hold degrees in acting, came to light when the owner of the rented condo exposed the deplorable state of their apartment. The initial account of this incident was shared by a disgruntled TikTok user who had rented out the property, only to discover that the seemingly tidy and attractive tenant had turned the property into a pigsty.

The owner, who had engaged a letting agency to find tenants, conceded that he had never met the female tenant in person and had only communicated with her through the LINE application. After several months without receiving rent, he decided to pay a visit to the property. However, the tenant refused to open the door.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood