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A prominent company named Infofed has clarified unusual income sources that surfaced when taxpayers submitted their tax forms online, urging explanations from the Revenue Department.

The ease of digital tax filing has been marred by these mysterious entries, sparking widespread concern.

The Facebook page Drama-addict raised the alarm yesterday, February 16, about a peculiar issue encountered by taxpayers who ventured online to settle their annual tax obligations. When these individuals accessed the Revenue Department’s website to review their tax information, they were confronted with two mysterious entries showing income that they were certain they had never earned.

The post, accompanied by screenshots, detailed the baffling items listed on the department’s web page. One entry claimed a 9,000 baht income from freelance work associated with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, with 900 baht withheld for taxes. Another entry showed a 10,000 baht income from property, business, or freelance work linked to a certain company, with a tax deduction of 300 baht. Taxpayers unanimously affirmed that they had never received any income from these sources, reported KhaoSod.

Following the uproar, Infofed, the company implicated in the second entry, promptly addressed the concerns on its Facebook page, Infofed. The company assured that upon reviewing their records, no transactions with the individuals in question could be found. Infofed is currently investigating the anomaly in collaboration with the Revenue Department. They have also requested that anyone affected by this issue contact them via email at [email protected], with evidence to support their claim. Infofed committed to seeking the truth and communicating their findings swiftly.

In related news, the Director-General of the Revenue Department, Kulaya Tantitemit, announced the development of a data analytics system aimed at helping entrepreneurs integrate into the tax payment system and fight against falsified tax invoices. This announcement was made during a press conference alongside the Economic Crime Suppression Division.

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Author: Mitch Connor