Swiss retiree’s brutal attack on Thai woman sparks outcry in TrangLegacy

A shocking incident at a shopping mall in the city of Trang on March 5 left a 58 year old Thai woman, Natchanan Kikkham, with severe injuries after a violent altercation with a 60 year old Swiss national, Dieter Matthias Straumann. 25 year old Natchanan’s son, Kritpong Kikkham, is resolute in seeking justice for his mother, who is now hospitalised with a prognosis of at least one month’s recovery.

The confrontation began when Natchanan was shopping and accidentally bumped into Straumann, leading to a heated exchange. Straumann, who has been living in Thailand on a retirement visa, reportedly attacked Natchanan without provocation, striking her multiple times and then fleeing the scene. Witnesses report Natchanan threw a water bottle in retaliation, after which Straumann returned, choking and beating her further, even slamming her head against the floor.

Straumann was subsequently detained by local police for questioning but remained tight-lipped throughout the interrogation. His recent passport renewal on October 28, 2023, and the upcoming visa expiration on November 14, 2024, indicate his legal status in the country. The police have prepared to charge him with serious assault due to the gravity of Natchanan’s injuries, which include a broken nose and chest trauma, rendering her unable to breathe properly.

Kritpong, who along with relatives has been appealing for fairness at the Trang Hospital, recounted his mother’s harrowing experience, emphasizing the unprovoked nature of the attack. Multiple witnesses within the mall have come forward, ready to testify on Natchanan’s behalf. The police, after a preliminary medical report, are consolidating evidence for Straumann’s potential prosecution.

Straumann’s only response to the police’s announcement of the impending legal action was a terse, “Can not, I will go home. Don’t take photo me.” The relatives of the victim have affirmed their commitment to pursue the case to the fullest extent, underscoring the severity of the assault and the need for justice, reported KhaoSod.

Amidst ongoing controversy, Swiss citizen Urs Fehr’s visa status was reviewed by immigration authorities due to his involvement in a Phuket assault case. Concurrently, inquiries were made into his business operations and foundation.

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Author: Nattapong Westwood