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Pattaya is experiencing a remarkable resurgence, with hotels bursting at the seams, boasting over 90% room occupancy.

Sanphet Supabawornsathien, Eastern Thai Hotel Association President,  reveals that Pattaya’s hotel industry is booming, with room occupancy rates soaring above 90% as tourists from China, Russia, and India flood the city alongside a surge in domestic travel.

This remarkable trend is fuelled by a multitude of factors, notably the arrival of Russian tourists seeking refuge from the biting cold and the distressing conflict in Ukraine. Since late January, flights to Pattaya have seen a remarkable surge in frequency, reflecting the Russian influx.

Moreover, the return of Chinese tourists earlier this year has further bolstered Pattaya’s resurgence as a premier tourist destination. Additionally, Indian visitors are making their mark on the city’s tourism scene.

However, the most surprising revelation comes from the domestic front. While Thai tourists were scarce in January, recent long weekends have seen a significant surge in their numbers, indicating a burgeoning interest in domestic travel to Pattaya. Sanphet highlights a notable shift in booking behaviour among Thai tourists, with last-minute reservations becoming the new norm, reported Pattaya News.

The impact is tangible across the city, with Sanphet’s hotel chain alone witnessing an increase of over 200 rooms on average. This surge paints a promising picture for Pattaya’s tourism industry, signalling a robust recovery from the pandemic’s adverse effects, as noted by TPN Media.

In related news, according to KResearch’s latest findings, Thai hotels are the leading culprits in greenhouse gas emissions, emitting a whopping 0.064 tonnes of carbon per guest each night, significantly higher than the regional and global averages of 0.057 and 0.019 tonnes respectively.

In other news, a Pattaya hotel manager unveiled some CCTV footage capturing a guest allegedly pilfering a speaker before making a swift getaway on Thursday, February 15. The unnamed guest, who checked in for a two-night stay on February 14, seemingly orchestrated the criminal act alongside two Thai companions.

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Author: Mitch Connor