Student’s leg impaled by steel rod in drainage grate fall
In this distressing scene, 17-year-old Miss Patphimon Janporntanachot sits helplessly trapped in a drainage pipe, her left leg impaled by a steel rod.

SRI RACHA, Thailand – In a traumatic incident near Hin Phlerng Market in Sri Racha, on February 28, 17-year-old Miss Patphimon Janporntanachot found herself trapped in a drainage pipe, her left knee impaled by a steel rod. The swift response of the rescue team proved crucial in her rescue.

Miss Patphimon, in a state of shock, cried out for assistance as onlookers gathered, attempting to free her. However, the stubborn steel rod held her captive, and the situation grew dire with each passing minute.

Sanong Chaemchai, a 52-year-old witness, watched helplessly as Patphimon struggled. His prompt notification to the rescue team emphasized the need for urgent intervention. Armed with cutting tools, the rescue team sprang into action. Within 5 minutes, they widened the grid, freeing Patphimon’s leg. However, the ordeal left her with abrasions and the steel rod still embedded in her knee.

Patphimon’s account shed light on the accident. She had been on her way to a friend’s house when she stumbled into the hidden drainage pipe. Despite her efforts to rise, the impaled steel rod thwarted her movements. After receiving initial first aid, Patphimon was swiftly transported to the hospital for further examination.

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Author: Pattaya Mail