Storm havoc: Jomtien Beach eroded and unsafe
Storm havoc: Jomtien Beach eroded and unsafeLegacy

Jomtien Beach was battered by fierce winds and waves yesterday, causing devastating erosion across a 1,000-metre stretch opposite the Pu Pen Restaurant.

Ekkarach Kantharo, Director of the Pattaya Regional Marine Department Office, confirmed the damage was a result of monsoon conditions that have unleashed storms and towering waves on the Gulf of Thailand. The reinforced sand on Jomtien Beach, extending 2.8 kilometres, was no match for the powerful waves.

A 1,000-metre section had its sand swept into the sea, while a 400-metre portion was gouged into a steep 1.5-metre slope. This precarious incline presents a serious hazard to the public and tourists, particularly after dark. Consequently, the area has been temporarily cordoned off.

To tackle the danger, urgent safety measures are in progress. The Pattaya Marine Department and Na Jomtien Municipality are deploying heavy machinery to level the treacherous slopes. Efforts are underway to reclaim the sand from the sea and redistribute it, a process expected to take two to three days. Warning signs are being erected to alert the public and visitors about the erosion, advising them to stay clear of the area for now.

Rapeephan Rattanaliem, Mayor of Na Jomtien sub-district, reassured that the municipality is swiftly addressing the disruptions caused by the erosion. Over the past two days, public health officials have been clearing sand from roads, and water trucks have been dispatched to wash the streets.

In collaboration with the Pattaya Marine Department, plans are in place to plant trees along the beach to prevent future sand encroachments. Heavy machinery will persist in levelling the sand to form a safer gradient. Public announcements will be made to inform residents and tourists to avoid the area temporarily, even for photography and other activities, reported Pattaya Mail.

In related news, the tranquil serenity of Jomtien Beach in Pattaya was disrupted by the clamour of illicit fireworks on May 5. In response to a spate of complaints from residents about noise pollution, Banglamung officials swiftly intervened, leading to the arrest of three vendors illegally selling the pyrotechnics.

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal