Stoned foreigner raises concern in Jomtien community
Pattaya police officers employ tact and empathy as they calm a stoned foreigner, convincing him to go home for his own safety amidst concerns raised by local residents in Jomtien.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A disoriented foreigner high on pot, caused concern among local business owners as he wandered around establishments on Chaiyapruek 1 Road in Jomtien. Prompted by the alarming situation, residents sought police assistance to address the issue.

City security personnel intervened, managing to calm the individual and subsequently conducting a search. In his shoulder bag, they found a packet of marijuana. Despite this discovery, the officers handled the situation professionally and convinced the man to return to his accommodation for his own safety.

Cooperating with the authorities, the unidentified foreigner rode his motorcycle back home, preventing any further escalation of the incident. Witnesses commended the quick and effective response of the authorities, especially the police, in maintaining peace and order in Pattaya City during this potentially explosive incident.

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Author: Pattaya Mail