Staycation and Sleep Tourism: The new travel trend
Staycation and Sleep Tourism: The new travel trendLegacy

Two new tourism trends, staycation and Sleep Tourism, are taking the travel world by storm, according to an online travel platform.

Staycation involves short trips to nearby provinces, with an emphasis on enjoying the hotel’s amenities like swimming pools, cycling, and spa treatments. Sleep Tourism, on the other hand, is all about travelling to unwind and recharge, prioritising sleep and relaxation in a different environment.

Neeranuit Traijakvanich, chairperson of Makalius Thailand Limited, the provider of this online travel platform, reveals that these trends are particularly popular among younger travellers who prioritise health and wellness.

“This group seeks hotels with comprehensive facilities, favouring low season travel for a more peaceful experience.

“Hotel operators must adapt their services to meet these travellers’ needs, focusing on rooms, activities, and food and beverages.”

The room is the cornerstone of these new travel trends. Travellers demand clean spaces with adequate lighting, proper room temperature, and high-quality bedding. Quiet and serene atmospheres are essential, and smart IT devices that enhance sleep quality are highly sought after. Large hotels should consider distinct zones for different room types, like family and private rooms. Mid-sized and large rooms, from 35 square metres upwards, and private pool villas are particularly popular.

Activities within the hotel are crucial for these relaxation seekers. Options like muscle relaxation massages, yoga classes, sound healing, hydrotherapy, kayaking, and boxing are highly desired. Additional experiences, such as access to a library, a movie room, and cooking classes, also enhance the overall appeal.

Food and beverage services are the third critical element. Since these travellers often dine in the hotel, varied food options from single dishes to buffets are necessary. Extended room service hours cater to guests who prefer in-room dining. Unlimited water and ice availability, though seemingly minor, greatly impacts guest satisfaction and is highly appreciated, reported The Nation.

Neeranuit also highlights the importance of marketing communication.

“Creating promotions that align with these service formats is vital. For instance, package deals including all meals or activities are very appealing. Makalius collaborates with hotels to offer special packages, providing more choices for staycation and Sleep Tourism customers.”

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Author: Puntid Tantivangphaisal