Sri Racha residents in uproar as drainage construction poses risk
Sri Racha residents in uproar as drainage construction poses riskLegacy

Residents and business owners lining Sukhumvit Road in Bang Phra Subdistrict of Sri Racha are in uproar, demanding immediate action to resolve a debacle at the Bang Phra-Klong Sukreeb junction.

The construction of a drainage system on Highway No. 3 has hit a standstill, plunging the area into chaos and risking the safety of locals, especially schoolchildren.

For nearly a month, the project has languished with no signs of progress, and the contractor has vanished into thin air. Investigating journalists discovered excavated trenches and leveled roads, but no workers or engineers were to be found. Only a solitary excavator sat idle, untouched for over a month.

Nattakamon Phinitsak, a school administrator and community voice, lamented the sporadic nature of the project, highlighting the danger it poses to students. With the construction site adjacent to the school entrance on Sukhumvit Road, accidents loom ominously. Urging swift intervention from authorities, Nattakamon stressed the hazards exacerbated by obscured signage hindering driver visibility.

Incidents have already occurred, underscoring the urgent need for action to safeguard students and road users alike. Kraisi Yimyam, a 45 year old security guard, recounted a past mishap involving a student slipping on gravel near the entrance. He tirelessly regulates traffic, but intermittent worker appearances leave the school gate perpetually unfinished, reported Pattaya Mail.

With the new school term looming, Kraisi emphasised the pressing need to complete the construction to avert further chaos and potential accidents.

In related news, Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngampichet launched a groundbreaking initiative to tackle the chaos of school traffic as the new semester kicks off. The mayor has rallied the Order Maintenance Division and traffic police from Pattaya City to ensure smooth and safe commutes for students and parents.

In other news, Mayor Poramet delivered an update on the ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects aimed at improving the city’s drainage systems. These initiatives, funded by the previous budget allocation, represent a concerted effort to enhance the city’s infrastructure and overall livability.

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