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A chilling murder took place when a soldier brutally killed his girlfriend, a former housekeeper at the Thai Parliament, using a samurai sword.

Officers from Sam Sen Police Station arrived at 9.20am yesterday to take custody of 24 year old Sunai, who is the main suspect in the murder of 30 year old Khemruthai. Khemruthai was found dead with a 58-centimetre samurai sword plunged into her chest. The suspect had been held at Dusit Police Station since the previous night and was escorted to the crime scene at an apartment in the Nakhon Chai Si Road area of Dusit district, Bangkok.

Upon his arrival, Sunai was asked to re-enact the incident. He revealed that on June 29 at around noon, he had visited a friend and returned to his apartment at approximately 5pm. Sunai described how he grabbed the sword from atop the wardrobe while Khemruthai was applying powder in front of the mirror. He turned her around, lifted her shirt, and stabbed her once in the chest.

Reporters tried to question Sunai about his motives and whether he felt any remorse or wished to apologise to the victim’s family but he remained silent, only walking calmly to the police vehicle.

The police then took Sunai to the apartment building to point out the exact locations involved in the crime. Starting from the front of the apartment, he indicated his path after committing the atrocity, leading them to the second-floor room where the murder occurred.

During the re-enactment, Sunai detailed his actions. He described how he calmly wiped the blood off the sword after the stabbing, then took a shower, changed into his military uniform, and left the apartment around 7.50pm, reported KhaoSod.

At 9.45am, Sunai was taken to Sam Sen Police Station for further questioning. Despite repeated attempts by the media to elicit more information from him, Sunai remained silent, not answering any questions.

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Author: Bright Choomanee