Sister act: Thai woman suspected of poisoning her husband
Sister act: Thai woman suspected of poisoning her husbandLegacy

A Thai woman called upon the Thai authorities to conduct a further investigation into the death of her older brother after suspecting his wife of poisoning him in the Isaan province of Mahasarakham.

The owner of a Thai massage training centre, 44 year old Pichit “Ton” Kleepjinda, died on April 16 outside the family home in the Mahasarakham province. The cause of his death remains unknown, and somewhat of a mystery as neither his parents nor his wife requested an autopsy.

Ton narrowly escaped an attempted assassination in Bangkok on April 8. Two men on a motorcycle approached him while he was driving home from an entertainment venue in the Wang Thong Lang district.

The men fired at Ton’s car four times before fleeing. Although injured, Ton managed to drive to the Wang Thong Lang Police Station to file a complaint. The suspects have not yet been arrested.

Following the shooting, Ton travelled home to the Mahasarakham province, where he later died in mysterious circumstances.

Mod’s mother told police that Ton drank alcohol alone from 5pm until late at night before his death. However, no alcohol glasses or bottles were found near his body. Mod held a three-day funeral ceremony, followed by cremation on the fourth day.

According to Channel 8, Ton’s assets, worth about 40 million baht, include four plots of land in Bangkok valued at 20 million baht, six plots of land in Mahasarakham, savings, funds, shares, and a life insurance payout of 16 million baht.

Ton and Mod were officially married and had three children. It is believed that his assets will go to his wife and their children.

Foul play

After Ton’s funeral, his younger sister, 41 year old Natpraphat, said she suspected foul play and is seeking a further investigation, believing it to be murder.

Natpraphat claimed that Ton’s lifeless body bore a suspicious sign. His body turned dark, he had claw hands and fingers, and his tears were in blood. Natpraphat suspected that her brother might be poisoned.

Natpraphat stressed that she did not intend to accuse Mod but found Ton’s death suspicious. She also highlighted that Mod stood to benefit the most from his demise.

Mod refuted the allegations, vehemently denying any involvement in either the shooting or Ton’s passing. She asserted that Ton’s body showed no signs of foul play and suggested that an autopsy be carried out by a doctor and police if there were any suspicions.

Additionally, Mod accused Natpraphat of seeking a portion of Ton’s assets. She claimed that Natpraphat had been out of touch with Ton for over a decade and did not attend his funeral or cremation ceremony.

Superintendent Jadesada Yangnork of the Wang Thong Lang Police Station revealed to Kom Chad Luek that officers had identified the two suspects involved in the shooting and issued arrest warrants for them. Jadesada believes that their arrest will help clarify the case and determine if others were involved in Ton’s death.

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Author: Petch Petpailin